AU Effects settings saved in project in Aux channels -saved settings dont recall unless....

@mathieugarcia @winconway @tk32 Created templates yesterday -Very weird issue with AU effects where the plugin settings Ive set do not recall when re loading a project but default unless I save the projects with the BM3 power switches in the effects rack/chain in AUX channels set to ON when saving . I had this issue testing quite a few AU effects.
I have not tested if this is the same for Bank channels as yet
I can do my templates but its quite strange that plugin settings dont recall unless the effects chain power switches are ON when saving project.
Can anyone else confirm this
Appreciate any info.


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    If I've understood correctly - what you mean is the following (reworded for simplicity):

    When you turn off an AU effect in the chain using the power switch, the plugin's current settings (state) are not being stored/recalled between session saves.

    If so - very interesting, I'll have to test this!

    Out of interest, does it work in Cubasis when an effect plugin is disabled?

    I know, in the past, that some AU plugins do recall settings but don't update the dials in their UI properly. And a few plugins have had very glitchy state saving in general (Audio Damage were particularly unreliable for a while). With these things it's difficult to know if the plugin or the host is at fault.

  • @tk32 hi not tested as yet in Cubase . I think its a Bm3 issue though and not plugin issue (not certain) I say this because it happened with various AU’s I further tested.
    Its not a major problem but it does mean when loading my templates with effects switched on could increase CPU significantly before starting a project.
    Cheers as always for your reply.

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