Calm Storm Edit, Soundtrack made using BM3.

My first complete video using BM3 for the composition.

Have a look/listen.

View in desktop mode for full resolution.

Thank you in advance



  • Love it, some of the sped up footage is a bit tiresome on the eyes because of camera shake, but thats to be expected with run n gun, are you filming delivery or higher res ?
    If higher res you could try an image stabiliser before the speed up and the crop shouldnt be an issue (shouldnt be an issue even if you are filming delivery either, the shake is tiny movement)

    Great video though, enjoyed the soundtrack aswell.

  • Thanks man.

    Not surprised the sped up stuff is tiresome on the eyes.
    It was done more for texture than anything else.

    Filmed on an iPhone SE at 1080p dude
    Everything else was done on the iPad
    Rendered it at 4K so that it compressed downwards
    for the upload to keep quality up as much as pos for crush tube.

    Yet to get myself a proper motorised gimbal so using a hand stabiliser at the moment.

    I shared it here specifically for the audio.

    So thanks on both points.

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    Really nice work on the video and soundtrack.

    Out of interest... what camera is this?

    And did you use a gimble/ronin?

  • @tk32
    Thanks dude.

    The camera is an iPhone SE using a cheap hand stabiliser.
    As mentioned previously yet to get a Ronin or Zhiyun.

    Yet to test it at 4K, which most probably is going to be on my next outing.

    Nice screen shot.

  • Moza Air for the win.

  • @winconway

    Can I put the phone on it and that's a top tip.

    Ran a quick search looks the business.

  • You can get phone mounts yeah.

  • @winconway


    For more serious filming going to use decent DSLR's etc,
    for the run and gun stuff definitely want to stick with the phones.
    Small portable, everyone has one.

  • Ill be getting my BMPCC 4k soon :)

  • Yeah, I've seen that one.
    Awesome camera.
    Well worth it.

    As soon as the budget comes through I'll most probably go for that one
    though I've heard and seen good things with the Sony's and the
    Panasonic GH5.

    Before any of that though,
    I'm looking into getting a Moondogs Anamorphic lens.
    I need to train my eye to see anamorphic rather than just looking at it.

  • I wouldn't touch anamorphic personally, I would just use the anamorphic filters from Cinemorph, less money, less hassle, near exactly the same vibe.

  • I would like to film using anamorphic because I don't have the experience yet.

    I looked into cinemorph, Helios anamorphic fakes etc
    and decided before anything else I would like the experience
    of an actual anamorphic lens.
    From setting up the taking lens and the actual anamorphic lens
    for vintage ones to using the more modern ones.

    I'm still learning about the moving image as a medium.
    Editing is almost second nature from editing audio for so long
    so the skills are transferable but learning about
    grading, the terminologies used in visuals as opposed
    to audio is something that I'm now learning.

    I'm almost entirely self taught in both mediums so being able
    to explain those terms to a third party can be quite challenging.

    I have way more experience in audio as I'm sure you can gather.

  • like the horizontal split screen in the crowd shots. lets your eye do it's own editing .
    it might be cool to take advantage of the car passing thru the shot, of the people crossing the crosswalk, to do an edit/wipe that follows the motion of the car.
    also, in the audio track, is the bass a sample or did you play the notes? if so what did you use? great sound.

  • Yeah im self taught in everything lol, i just see no use for anamorphic for me personally, and honestly NOBODY has to learn the moving image art, your sight is your most prevelent sense and from my generation onward it was bombarded from birth with the moving image, everybody instinctively knows when something is wrong in film, the thing you need to learn when filming is how to not do the wrongs.

    Personally i have one rule, never point a camera directly at something, everything else seems to work, film in RAW and fix it later lol.

  • Same when recording audio.

    Yeah, I hear ya.

  • @BitterGums

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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