piano roll vs pad pattern view when in song view

couldn't think of a better title...
but anyways - what I think would be really useful is, when working in the song "arranger" view, to have a choice to be able to see a representation of the piano roll view within the pattern blocks as opposed to how it is currently, showing the pads view of the pattern.
I'm cutting up midi patterns of chromatic instruments (keys) as auv3 on a single pad in song view for a track I'm working on and it is really difficult to visually identify chord and melody sequences like you can from looking at a conventional midi event, without going into the pattern editor. you dig?


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    I understand your frustration, but let's say this mode was added.. which pad is shown?

    The reason BM3 folds the notes into a horizontal line is because (in theory) each pad can have it's own separate rhythms/melodies/chords.

    For percussion banks it's essential to see all pads at once —and it works nicely as it is— but for those containing mostly melodic performances (and often just on 1 pad) it would be nice to have a different option.

    Here's a neat solution... Allow the user to nominate a particular pad for each bank that would provide the midi preview which is visible in the arranger.

  • ^^ That would be cool, right @mathieugarcia ?


  • Hey @tk32 - your solution would be cool. Ideally, the user could - on bank level - select pads or piano roll view, and if piano roll view is selected, which pad will provide the midi preview in the arranger. It could also simply be the active/selected pad. Or, even more simply, the piano roll midi preview would be active when the pad is in keys mode.

  • You are definitely over thinking this.
    Inside the pattern you have the step sequencer view (pads) and piano roll view (per pad keys)
    Whichever view the user has it set to, is the view the pattern will open to, so just have whichever chosen view be the arranger pattern display.

    Simple, elegant, and actually if i didn't know better i would assume it was a bug that it doesnt already work that way.

  • @gosnote said:
    Or, even more simply, the piano roll midi preview would be active when the pad is in keys mode.

    Sorry missed this line, yes that exactly.

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