Adding an « auto-rotate » would be cool

Patterning introduce a nice idea with the auto rotate who at every start of a looped pattern move all the notes forward or backward the number of steps you chose, creating a cool moving rythm.
I would like to see something like this in a future version :)
And it can push the idea more further by playing with musical notes not just rythm instruments.


  • Thats a nice idea, but I am afraid Intua should invest time and energy into stabilising existing functionality and adding features that will attract the most users. There are midi plugins out there, that can do many nice tricks like this, or you can use other sequencer apps to play notes in BM3 via MIDI. Not sure if Patterning has MIDI out but I've seen some video where it seemed like the guy was controlling hardware synths via Patterning, so it may be a solution or you.
    Of course, every built-in functionality is always better, but currently people are begging for quite basic improvements or features, so we should to patient with "nice to have" stuff, and even more if BM3 is already so flexible and open that you can substitute it with 3rd party solution and not leave BM3.

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