First 4 bars... ever!

Hey fellas,

Just finished my first little loop. Not gonna call it a song cuz its not haha. I've gotta say I've been wanting to get into beat making for a while. Gonna say more then a couple years. Everything has been mostly a failure. All my previous experience was with Ableton. Bought a Push 2 when it came out and was like ok... I'm invested... lets get busy. haha I'm an idiot. Anyways... I was having a really hard time grasping the work flow of the hardware and the software. I did learn some fundamentals watching mad videos, but i was never able to actually produce anything that sounded anything remotely like I wanted it to. Things were just not clicking. I eventually lost interest, I got overly frustrated and just sold it. Figured this music thing wasn't for me.

cpl years later got the bug again.... Bought another Push 2 hahaha. Used this time. Yes I'm an idiot. Lets not get into it. Wash, Rinse , Repeat. Sold it again. haha .. Fuck that thing. (I'm sure its great I'm just an...... idiot)

Fast forward to last week. Youtube worm hole. iPad Pro reviews. Woah damn this thing is cool as hell. Quickly start looking for apps to try and convince myself why I NEED to buy this thing (Yep noticing a pattern here? haha.... idiot) . I have a 3D / Graphic Design/Video Editing background. Lots of cool stuff for those. But I stumble onto Henny's channel with some BM3 videos. I'm thinking in my head ok this is neat.. but ya music production isnt for me.

Cpl days later I remembered I had a iPad Mini 2 in a drawer collecting dust (Phew may have just saved myself a grip) Load up BM3.

Cpl hours later I was flipping around through menus etc. The app was doing what i wanted to do. I knew were to find stuff. It was very intuitive. (Minus Apples Dogshit lack of a file system, thats a whole other story) Things just started making sense. I was sucked in! It's clicking!!! . I'm not sure why but BM3 UX design just make sense to me. Perhaps its the touch screen. Minimal menus and scrolling and check boxes. I just spent the last 3 hours making that little loop. Yes its nothing special. It actually prob sounds pretty shitty to most people. But if you heard the shit I was doing with my Push.. this is a masterpiece.. haha.

Anyways not sure what the point off all this is. If you are still reading this bullshit well.... high five. Just wanted to say thanks to the BM3 developers for putting their time and effort into this app. Thank you for helping me break into a hobby that has evaded me for so long. Thanks for creating it in a way that I understand! Keep it up.. Looking forward to many sleepless nights and airplane rides hunched over looking at my shitty little iPad Mini 2 boping my head.

Loop sounds like shit on my lappy speakers. Way better on my headphones. Clearly I have LOTS to learn. Which I am looking forward to!

Thanks again!


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    Welcome to the community.

    You've already tackled the first major obstacle to progress... 'fear of sharing your creations'

    Prepare to go down a rabbit hole full of fun, knowledge, a heavy dose of frustration... and sheer ecstasy when everything comes together and you make a track you're proud of.

    by the way... I'm writing a book about Getting started with BM3 - due to be published in February - and you sound like exactly the kind of user I am aiming this at. It'll be free in PDF format :)

  • Ya man. I'm familiar with rabbit holes. Looking forward to more haha. Ill keep my eye open for the book!

  • @sayyestodope Not bad. Nice beat.

  • Great stuff.
    Dont forget there is a discord chat for B3 too ;)

  • Appreciate it. I dont really have any experience with discord. Ill check it out.

  • Its just an app or website, install it or go to it.

    Its real time chat, very easy to throw a few bars up and get immediate feedback.

  • Ya downloaded the app. Will try and set it up tonight. Thanks.

  • @tk32 said:

    by the way... I'm writing a book about Getting started with BM3 - due to be published in February - and you sound like exactly the kind of user I am aiming this at. It'll be free in PDF format :)

    Ooh looking forward to this

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