COMPLETED - BM3 Battle 16: Vox Anima (winner is tk32)

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Voting has now closed. The winner of this month’s battle is tk32.

Winning entry:

Voting results:

Original post:

Welcome to the voting round of battle 16.

It's hard to believe these monthly battles have been going continuously for a year and four months! We've had some ups and downs - *in terms of numbers of entries - but my hope is that many of the new members see how fun and beneficial it is to take part and begin to submit tracks as their confidence stats to grow.*

On to the tracks...

Firstly, a big thanks to @hansjbs (reigning champ from battle 15) for hosting this month's challenge, and for finding an awesome acapella for us to remix. I still don't know what the original version of this song sounds like, but I have a feeling every one of the 6 remixes below sounds better to my ears.

The entries

  1. @groovey

  2. @gravitas

  3. @tk32

  4. @Insomniak

  5. @hansjbs

  6. @ronji

Time to vote

Voting closes 48 hours from now, so listen to all entries at least once, then cast your vote


  • @tk32 I thought we were going to change the voting system.

  • Yeah - I forgot!

  • If I change it now it deletes existing votes

  • Amazing work folks!


  • Great skills. Enjoyed them all. Voted!

  • Great work everyone =) vote cast

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    12 hours to go until voting closes

  • These are amazing!

  • voted. tuff decision... all solid tracks.

  • Congrats tk and everyone 👍😀

  • Listened, enjoyed and voted somewhere along the way 🙂
    @tk32 Congatulations!

  • Congratulations @tk32 and well done to everyone.

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    Just in case anyone was curious, here’s a quick breakdown of how simple my winning entry actually was:

    • 100% midi (no audio tracks)
    • 2x AUv3 instruments (Neo Soul Keys and Poison-202)
    • 6 banks (A - vocals, B - Keys, C - Mid Bass 1, D - Drums, E - Mid bass 2, F - Sub bass)
    • Banks C and D were from the. BM3 store (with just a few parameter and EQ tweaks)
    • Bank F (sub bass) was made from a single-cycle sine wave
    • All effects were internal, except for one Fabfilter Pro-Q2 on the master channel
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    Thanks for the breakdown @tk32 ! Did you do any automation or other tricks to spice up your track? Arrangement tips? Looks like you start on bar 2, and some of your patterns overlap. Any comments on that? =D

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    The overlaps are purely because some of the vocal lines start before the downbeat (as in “I’m cool with... dancing on my own” - the word ‘dancing’ is on the beat)

    Starting on bar 2 was probably an accident, but I quite like exporting with a little silence before the track

    One other thing, I composed this at 106bpm then pitched it up to 114bpm.

    I can share the session with you if you like?

  • Here’s a download link for the session: Battle 16 (tk32's winning entry).zip?dl=0

    Plugins required:

    • Neo Soul Keys Studio
    • Poison 202
    • FAC Chorus
    • Fabfilter Pro-Q2
  • Awesome! I've got all those plugins. =)

    I also did a lil overlap in my vocal patterns for the same reason. I simultaneously like and dislike the fact we can overlap patterns like this. On the one hand it can be really useful, like with this, but I Hate how hard it is to tell when things overlap.

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