Step modulator issue

In the sampler i’m trying to use the step modulator on the pitch as a parameter lock with sync on.
Tried both mono and poly modes and it just doesn’t sync, seems even random a little bit... or am I missing something?
Settings -
synced to 16th notes, 4 bars so 64 steps, one shot off, grid mode is on 1/12 of a pitch and modulation ratio is 12semi tones.


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    Yeah, I’ve never managed to properly sync the step sequencer to tempo reliably

    Especially not for steps that I want to coincide with midi notes (such as changing the tuning)

    For example..

    1. I create a simple pattern filled with eight 1/8th C3 notes, then modulate sample tuning with a step modulator (+2 octaves).
    2. First, I need to switch to Mono modo (so that the sequencer doesn’t retrigger for each note) but even then, if I try tempo-syncing to 1/8 - for example - the timing of the steps does not align with the timing of the notes. It’s always a little off, and drifts with each repeat of the bar.

    Here’s a demo of the above:

  • I tried it with sync off as well, couldn’t make it work and I tried lots of combinations of the parameters

  • Just updated my post (above) to include a video demo

  • I would try 8 steps because it is synced to 8ths and it is 1bar length but it won’t work either...

  • Its actually known, I reported it on release day of v3 or so lol.

    The step modulator is tempo synced, not song position synced, so while it may stay in sync a while, it is always going to drift.

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