BM3 and live drums use

Well I almost got all my content into bm3 and I’m loving the live time stretch and sync solidity of bm3. My issue is I need to be able to switch songs live. No program change in bm 3 yet. I bought MidiFire and Audiobus and a few synths.
I tap a pedal and send the taps to MidiFire clock which goes to midi link sync which puts out link to bm3. Oh, and midi clock goes out from MidiFire clock to my Yamaha dtx12 Multipad. Works fantastic!
I just can’t figure out how to go between about 15 different songs. Would be great if I could switch to a specific bank via remote midi...or load a bank/session via midi.
Anyone have any ideas?


  • You cannot load a bank or session with midi, and loading those will cause audio interruption (don't know if that's an issue for you or not). And yeah no set list functionality yet. You can switch banks via midi, using focus actions. The banks must already be loaded in order to switch between them. Map midi to focus actions in the first page of settings.

  • Thanks ronji,
    Yes I was aware of the focus actions....doesn’t that do next/previous bank? That won’t work.
    Audio interruption is not a problem. I thought, hey audiobus state saving! Bought, then read😀 state saving with bm3. close.

    I started just to turn my multipad into a Roland spdsx killer by combining the yammy with iPad/bm3 and it does....but it’s a little fumbly right now. And now I want make it an alesis strike pad killer. Roland + built in looper.

    Thanks again ronji

  • I use BM3 with a drum pad live all the time. I just treat each bank as a song. Save banks with song names and use midi fire to control the tempo for each one. Works great for me.

    I started using a Alesis drumpad instead of my Roland cause it’s easier to transport.

    Here’s a picture of the whole thing happening.

  • Hi,
    Nice jfox!
    That's what I want to do, but how do you switch fast between songs/banks?
    Sometimes guys don't follow a set list.:-) Say 20 songs.?
    BTW...midi fires dynamic clocks tap tempo is badass,no? And beat maker responds so well and stays in time with the dtx's sequencer.
    Looks like a good gig also:-)

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    I always have the set list planned ahead of time so what I do may not work for what you want to do. I have a midi foot controller that each time I press one of the buttons it “steps” through a sequence of notes. Each note is assigned to a bank in BM3 and at the same time sends the new tempo to the midifire clock that syncs to BM3. I’ll do a screen capture to show you.

    I also have this linked to an iPhone app I use for tracks. Everything changes together with a single button press.

    The interface I use is a iconnectivity playaudio12.

    I keep BM and my tracks/click separate to try and avoid crashes.

    I do a lot of church conferences etc. that was one a few weeks ago. The photographer for the event was really good.

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