Crash when using duplicate in song mode

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    You might be surprised to know this isn't actually enough info to help people avoid this bug or for others to confirm it or for the dev to fix it. =) Maybe the dev will get the crash report and that'll be enough, but still.

    To clarify, there's been a long running bug when you duplicate multiple "copies" of the same pattern and then undo the duplication, the app crashes upon tapping undo. Is that what happened to you? If not, can you elaborate?

  • I m selecting a pattern then i press duplicate button and it’s crashing either with audio or midi tracks . When im using repeat it works as expected.

  • That doesnt happen here, can you upload a session ?

  • It crashes right when you press duplicate? Hmm. I'm able to duplicate just fine as well, audio and midi. Is it every single time you duplicate on the song timeline? Sharing the session would be very helpful, as it'll answer a lot of questions without us having to ask.

  • Was the track playing when you pressed duplicate?

  • I always use duplicate on every track I make for variation, never had a crash using this function.

  • i have exactly the same problem, but only in some songs. it does not matter if the song is playing or stopped. I have no external synths loaded only a maximizer plugin on master, but even if i delete it completely it still crashes. some days ago bm3 also crashes in the exact moment i was saving which is maximum annoying because the backup and the autosave was not as far made as the original.
    And another crash i have is when i listen to older tracks. when i listen to older projects it will crash when loading the 3rd or 4th project.
    buy an ipad they said. no crashes, super stable they said:(
    Really hate loosing projects its one of the most annoying things i know.

    A bit off but somehow bm3 feels abandoned. Are they even continuing it?
    so much potential for improvements there...

  • btw it works if you load the patterns from the pattern drop down menu/list from the upper left corner manually but you probably have figured that out by yourself already..

  • I will check it this evening

  • @estebano said:

    Weird. I do this all the time and never had a crash.
    Please tell us what iPad you have and which IOS version?

  • Here's my contribution.
    iPad: 2015 iPad Pro 12.9 gen 1, iOS 12.1.4
    Session: old session created May 2018
    Test: duplicated entire song until it reached 3840 bars, no crash until I tap undo.

  • Its the regular ipad from 2018 and i am on ios 12.1.1.
    The tracks i duplicated are midi only tracks.

  • I just repeated that test (without the undo crash that is 100% reproducible) loading most of my old battle sessions and other sessions, not one crash. Some of the sessions even included audio tracks. After so much duplication I could see and scroll the list of over 500 patterns.

    I wonder if this is something relating to either iOS 12.1.1 or the "regular" 2018 iPad. If anyone else with either of these details matching can chime in, that would be cool.

    Otherwise, I know some of us would appreciate if you could upload and share that session with us. We'll test and see if it crashes on our iPads.

  • shure. its not finished nor mixed just a random project/playground blabla^^ i saved the project with the samples included, zipped via bm3

  • No judgement, thank you so much for sharing your session! I know not everyone is keen on going that far with troubleshooting. I'll check it out now.

  • Boom. This session seems to be the problem. So far I've just loaded it up, selected all, tapped duplicate, instacrash. Here's hoping one of us can get it down to something more specific!

  • nice, so it is reproduceable :)

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    It seems like this might be related to how the patterns were placed, and I'm not sure if this has ever been seen before this thread. Great catch!

    Upon opening the session as it was shared, I can duplicate some patterns without a crash, but some of them always cause a crash. It's not specific to any one pattern either, as I can cause the crash by duplicating bank C1 pattern 5 at the far right of the timeline, but I can duplicate pattern 5 on that same bank track if it's the one placed at bar 37.

    I noticed there are a lot of scenes in this session, so I decided to try something I've never used before, paste scene to song. Boom. Duplicating any pattern that was pasted to song from scenes will cause BM3 to crash. I created a new session, loaded the first bank I could find, created a 1 bar pattern (doesn't matter how), didn't even add notes to the pattern, loaded the pattern to a scene, tapped paste to song (doesn't matter where from), duplicated that pattern, CRASH.

    Bonus: immediate fix: move the pattern manually on the song timeline, it will no longer cause a crash. So in your case, double tap the select tool to select the entire song timeline, use arrow on the far left edge to drag it over any amount (a beat, a bar, etc), drag it right back to where it was (where you want it to be) and now you can duplicate any of those patterns on the song timeline. Remember that if you paste to song from a scene you should move them or they'll crash on duplicate.

    @mathieugarcia plz fix! =)

  • Great work Shirley !!!!

  • @winconway said:
    Great work Shirley !!!!


  • Wow good troubleshooting. I have this error on several projects, but not all. I anyone needs more error projects just tell me^^

  • Oh yeah, hopefully you're experiencing the same problem because you use scene mode @NeHo . If not, your crash could be different. Let us know!

  • This is how you we can help you @The_Bro . Provide a video and and maybe a session.

  • @ronji great stuff, thanks!

  • Sry i ve forgot to answer you, i will try it tomorrow
    Btw Nice job

  • Hey !

    Thanks for the detailed reports everyone !


  • I m using scène mode to copy pattern in song mode. With your fix now it ‘s ok , thanks a lot

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