Métronome bug

When i assign a focus action on a button on my mpd 226 the tempo switch to 300 bpm each Time i press button.
There is something to do or it’s a bug ?


  • When assign the métronome focus action

  • Yeah same here. It's really odd, can't imagine it's intended to work like that. I bet no one uses it in its current state. The tempo focus action needs a fader or knob controller, and it mostly works, although it seems you can't configure a range so it's 32-300. The metronome focus action sets both the metronome on and off but also relies on a fader or knob controller. For example, I mapped a horizontal CC on my sensel morph to tempo. If I tap it in the middle, I can get it to set tempo at 170 BPM while also toggling metronome on or off, but it's finicky as hell. Do not use. Note, mapping tempo to a button sets the tempo at 300 just like metronome on a button.

  • Yup. The Bug is still present. When assigning the metronome it shoots the BPM to 300 when the button is pressed. Would be nice to get this ironed out...

  • It’s supposed to be used by a knob, there’s no focus action for tapping tempo

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