Same Plugin, different banks

I'm a newbie to Beatmaker so hope this question makes sense...
I have Animoog on ipad and load it as a plugin into Bank A (with 'BiggerBass' preset)
Can i then load another Animoog plugin into Bank B with a different preset ('Orbital' preset)?
..or can i only use one instance of a plugin at a time and therefore need to record the track into a audio track before switching presets?



  • Animoog isn't a plugin in the strickest sense, it is an IAA, this means it is just an external app sending audio etc to B3, so no, you can only have one at a time, if you want multiple instances you need to look at software that is in the AUv3 format, these are true plugins and can be loaded inside your host (B3) at will as long as you have enough CPU/RAM resources ;)

  • AUv3 vs IAA summary

  • fantastic - thank you both

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