Intro to Midi

Can anyone guide me to a good resource for a grounding in how midi works?
I've googled and youtubed but getting more confused!
Specifically how to use midi on ipad - midi in/out, channels, sync - how to use midi ports on Beatmaker - none, all, bank setting etc
And i want a unicorn too :)



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    OK heres super beginner....

    Remote control cars, you turned right on the control and the car went right, you turned left on the control and car went left.
    Now if you wanted to race a friend with the same car, that was easy too, they just had to be on a different crystal frequency and their control controlled their car.

    That's how simple MIDI really is....
    B3 is the control, the synth is the car, so when B3 says "Play note C3" the synthesizer plays the note C3.
    MIDI channels are all the extra friends with cars, so if a synth is set to MIDI channel 1 it will ignore anything that isn't MIDI channel 1, keep in mind that MIDI channel in the box (desktop, iPad etc) is of less importance because ypu tend to just load a synth on a track, then just send info from that track (note control data) to tell that synth what to do, channels are only really important with MIDI hardware and multitrimbality (Dont worry about any of that yet unless you have hardware synths)

    So quick quick tutorial.
    Load a synth to a pad in B3, go to the pattern editor, insert a note, now that note will be sent as control information (not audio) to the synth, the synth will understand it is being told what to do, then it will do it, which will output audio.

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