Very few sharing options available to me through BM3 :-( - SOLVED

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So I don't have the option to upload straight to Soundcloud or cannot cut and paste to Audio Mastering. The only thing I could do was upload my wav file to Dropbox and then download it from Audio Mastering. I actually got my version of BM3 through family sharing as I bought it originally on my wife's ipad so it stopped working when I disabled family sharing. Long story behind that which will take to long to explain anyways lol. Anyhow I managed to get BM3 working again by off loading the app and downloading it again through my wife's account but now very few sharing options are available. Thoughts as to how to fix this? Thanks. :smile:


  • Okay so I thought I was able to download my wav file from Dropbox to Audio Mastering but nothing appears in the Files section after I did it. Any thoughts as this isn't cool as I have no way to upload to Soundcloud!!! :neutral:

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    Here's what I do - should work for you too...

    1. Render the track to 16-bit (or 24-bit) stereo WAV using BM3's Export feature
    2. Open AudioShare
    3. Import the WAV via the iOS FILES app (browse to 'On this iPad' > BeatMaker3 > Exports) - tip: if you sort by date modified you'll see the newest exports at the top of the list
    4. Once the WAV is imported into Audioshare you can trim the front/end, normalise, and then upload directly to Soundcloud.

    Hope this helps

  • Don't worry I figured it out. I didn't save it as a wav so that's why it wasn't working lol.

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    OK - that's good. :)

    Would you mind editing the title of this post and adding the word "(SOLVED)" to the beginning or end

  • No worries - done. :smile:

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