Cleaned up 13 gigs of mystery data... (18 with cubasis too...)

edited February 2019 in General

In iOS settings my BM3 size was being reported as 75.56 gigs. I copied all of the contents to my PC (twice, once with iTunes and once with iMazing) and both copies came in at 58 gigs. Anyway, I deleted BM3 from my iPad and copied everything back to the iPad from PC. Now it is reporting back as 62.66 gigs. So about 13 gigs saved. Not sure what the overhead was but I imagine 'Files App' temp files or some such thing.


  • That is very strange!

  • ...and doing the same thing with Cubasis took it from 7gigs down to 1gig. I even went in and deleted the trash in Cubasis and rebooted. No sign of any excess files in 'Files', Cubasis, iMazing etc. Had to nuke it and reinstall to get back six gigs. I do a lot of Files BM3<--->Cubasis and do think that is probably the culprit.

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