Keyboard Scale in Piano Roll

Hello everyone. Long time BM2 user switching over to BM3. I hope someone can help me with an issue I’m having with BM3

I’m trying to figure out the scale feature. The only place I can find where to change the scale is on the pads tab. Once I change the scale there the pad notes change. When I go to the key board although it doesn’t display the notes the new scale tones sound like they are mapped to the white keys or c major. However when I view the piano roll after I play a melody with the keyboard it still shows I’m playing c major instead of the scale I’m actually playing.

Is this how it’s supposed to work? I hope someone can help or guide me in the right direction I’ve searched all through the manual and googled as well and couldn’t find any question or answer to this.

Thank you.



  • Once you choose your scale just play and note are automatically scaled. You can check in the pad view and in the bottom right corner you can put the starting note. Ex: your scale is Em, then the first note on pad 1 is E. With piano roll you can just play with white key and it follow the scale.

  • Thanks for the response @NeHo. I get that part it’s just that when I go view the piano roll it only shows the white keys and not the scale I selected in pad view. This only happens if I play using the keyboard which is technically the notes I’m playing but I was hoping it would show the actual scale I selected. If I for example wanted to export the midi it would export c major even though it had a different scale selected.

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