How to re-allocate sends and remove outputs?

I've been re-purposing a large project that I use for live performance with a different audio interface. I had a number of AUX channels that were no longer needed, so deleted them. The only two remaining are a 'reverb' and a 'delay' send. However .. these sends remain allocated to 'send 2' and 'send 3' ('send 1' was deleted). Can anyone let me know how I can re-allocate these sends without re-building the entire project?

Also, this interface only has a stereo output ('Main Out'), however there are three extra outputs remaining on my project ('OUT 5-6', 'OUT9-10', 'OUT 3-4'). I can't any way to delete these? Can anyone lend a hand here?



  • I just made a new session but this might be interesting to note for development purposes.

  • Sorry I couldn’t offer any help. Tbh, I read your post yetserday but didn’t have anything useful to suggest.

    When I get a moment I may try recreating the situation and see what is possible

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