Am i the only one who appreciates BM3 more and more every day?

tl;dr: This app gets better and better the more I use it. It’s my fav DAW to date, across all platforms. Once the dreaded “learning curve” is passed, this app is Sampling on Steroids!

I was reading a post over on the Audiobus forum regarding a debate between BM3, NS2, and Cubasis2. As a hip-hop producer who finds the greatest joy in sampling, I feel as though it’s is, by far, the best DAW I’ve EVER USED for my workflow.

I started on FruityLoopsv3 w/ Cool Edit Pro (shout to Peter Quistgard!), moved on to Reason 2.5, then went hardware for a bit w/ and MPC2500 and an Alesis Micron. I’ve always sampled from everywhere, from vinyl to YouTube. I chop more than I loop, I luuuuuv banging out drums, and I can’t play keys for $#!+, so my melodies are simple. Samples are the blood of my beats.

Anywhoser, I think it was @samu who talked about the learning curve, and also “mastering” BM3. And I definitely feel like I have. I don’t have to think about how I want to do anything, I just tap the glass and make it happen. The ease of manipulability and fine-tuning of samples, not to mention the ability to actually touch the sound, is unrivaled, and not only on iOS. It’s the best thing to happen yet to my musical being.

As far as bugs go, beyond the random crash (far less frequent these days, thanks @mathieugarcia!), 🤷🏽‍♂️ No big deals, to me. And I have yet to be unable to find a workaround for whatever I need to do, and mostly within BM3. I love this app. I’m so thankful for it. And I’m thankful for this community of like-minded individuals with whom I can wax poetic about this! Be easy, y’all! ✌🏽


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    Totally agree!

    Please drop-by our Discord channel and say “Hi” to all the regular hardcore BM3 fans on there :)

  • You're not alone and the app will only get better. @mathieugarcia is squashing bugs and cooking features as we speak.

  • I don't base every track around sampling, but now that I've gotten to "intermediate" I won't sample with anything else. (Also using Reason 9.5 and NS2, I tend to compose original material primarily in Reason and BM3 and NS2 at about the same frequency as secondary options, depending on what I'm trying to do.)

    Hell, I wasn't sampling much recently before getting into BM3. Hooked the turntable and mixer back up!

  • BM3 is simply amazing. All I wish for is to be able to record track mutes over midi. This would kill my endless lust for the perfect hardware sampler (I just bought a used mpc live but I"m worried I'm going to be running back to bm3). Full midi control over the mixer would put bm3 ahead of the competition.

  • Great post!

  • I was using my hardware MPC and Akai S950 since the 90s . I literally have not switched these or my Pro Tools on since bm3. No app or desktop software for beatmaking for me can compete.

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