BUG: Sample Reverse C-2 to C5 latching (infinite loop) after Resampling.

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Steps I used to reproduce:

  1. Resampling a 1 bar loop using sync mode.
  2. Put the sample in reverse using sample editor
  3. Go into keys mode in performance mode
  4. C-2, C-1, C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 are not sending NOTE OFF messages and are latching. (Infinite loop) but not always all of them.

Here is a video:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/vk4uu2t66yoxfr9/Video Feb 27, 12 42 55 PM.mp4?dl=0

Can anyone confirm?


  • i will check your link and tell you about how's your keynote

  • Confirmed this reverse bug, but it doesn't seem like a note-off issue. I managed to get midi wrench to send notes to BM3 and cause this problem while also showing note-offs in the log. You can also get this to happen using the sample play button. I also don't think it's related to lack of note-off since it doesn't happen when trigger mode is set to hold, and normally one shot mode won't loop anyway. Also interesting, if you change the start and end points to something not on grid, it won't happen, but if you use snap to grid and position the end point at 1.3, halfway through the bar, it will still loop. Depending on the note, it will even keep looping with the end point at 1.2, or a quarter of a bar. In my testing C2 can do a quarter bar reverse loop. Surprise, C1 can do an eighth bar loop. C0 can do a 16th bar loop, if the sample BPM is set to 180. I also managed to get reverse looping with start point at 1.3 and end point at 2 (end) or end at 1.4. What a strange bug. I tried but couldn't make this happen with samples that already existed in a kit, just with samples made by resampling so far.

  • Nice find and thank you for confirming + more @ronji

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