setting trigger points on a sample

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first lemme say that i dont have the iphone yet . but after seeing this app. i decided to give up my BB bold and order the 3g iphone through my company. i hope it gets approved quickly so i can start bangin out beats on the fly and maybe submitting some up on here. but first lemme ask this.

i was watching this video <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=" m --> and i saw how he was setting different trigger points of a single loop (sample) and assigning them to different pads. is this a standard feature on beat maker? and if so OMFG!! I REALLY CANT WAIT TO GET MY IPHONE!!!!!!!!


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    seriously. is noone on this site often enough or am i missing something?
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    Yes, that's a standard feature for beatmaker. The only downside about this is that if you load the same WAV file on different pads that doesn't count as 1 file. So each pad will eat up memory eventhough it's technically using the same WAV file. Might I suggest you download the manual and go through it to see all the features beatmaker has to offer. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
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    awesome and thanks for the reply. i didnt see that in the manual. i might have overlooked it. but that is dope as hell kinda of doesnt make sense that it counts a a seperate waav. but maybe they will fix that in updates maybe its because of ram usage. who knows. i cant wait to get my iphone
  • By default it shouldn't do this automatically considering the limited memory on the iphone. I strongly suggest chopping your samples before importing them just for stability purposes.
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