how to get rid of the ‘everything must be perfect’ mentality??

i think every creator deals with this on some level, but how do you find the balance?

i want to start uploading some beats online/ to stores, but i keep thinking, that there is something that could be better. wether its arrangement, mixdown, some intricacies with the melodies, fills, whatever.

how do you deal with it? do you actually try to improve what you think ‘could be better’ and then once you improved that 1 thing, are you then done? in my case, if i improve 1 thing that i think should be better, then 2 more pop up. or sometimes its not even something i notice when listening to the song, but am just insecure based on things i heard countless times online. for example, stereo width/panning. when mixing my beats, i rarely pan things. the track is obviously not in mono, but the stereo information are just from the synths’s presets. personally i don’t mind it, because i actually like how it sounds, but since i heard countless times that it is necessary to leave room in the center for the vocal, i become insecure about my beats again, thinking that that could be the reason noone wants them.

but, a lot of times when one thinks ‘this could be better’ it prob could be. so how do you find the balance? whats your mindset when it comes to this?


  • Great post!

    But bad news... It's likely you will always have this complicated relationship with the music and other creative work you produce in life.

    My advice, for what it's worth, is...

    (1) find a friendly place —such as this forum— to start sharing your music, and get some constructive feedback.

    (2) find ways to impose deadlines and creative restrictions as a way to help you finish tracks and grow as a producer. The best way to do this is join a regular competition like our monthly battles.

  • Yep. Self-imposed deadlines and making final mixes. You're always going to find things to tinker with and adjust in your own productions... to such a degree that you'll never consider anything finished. But if you create a deadline and put the tracks/project out .. you'll at least consider it good enough. Once that's done you become less precious with the tracks and you move on to new ones. Rinse and Repeat.

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    I find working on groups of tracks at the same time keeps me from being too perfectionist or getting too precious about any one element. What one track may lack another may have. If overall people get that I at least have a good idea or promising direction for the future then I am happy.

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