More&more I realise Bm3 is the KING Sampling app

@mathieugarcia Since purchashing bm3 only a year ago I managed to complete 50 remixes from the 90s boom bap era Thats how addictive bm3 is . So I thought before doing the mixdowns take a break and experiment with some other “sampler” apps. In my experience there were either functions lacking or bugs or the screen UI looks so weird and complicated erasing any form of creative buzz.
I go back to bm3 everything just flows. Thought I’d just say this for all fellow Bm3users.
Yes there are a few tweaks which I forsee happening but back to Bm3 it is for me. Now time for the mixdown stage from somewhere in the mountains away from the busy London city
@mathieugarcia and all @intua_admin Thank you very much for all you have created.
Peace Storm


  • Thanks for the support @beatmakerstorm :-) !

  • BM3 is still amazing and I do hope it's still due for an update...
    iOS12.2 will most likely drop tomorrow so it remains to be seen if the current version of BM3 rocks on that as well.

  • edited March 2019

    @mathieugarcia cool. One thing I would so encourage is pattern column sequencing for Song mode as an option in settings
    - like the Akai MPC simliar to scenes but you tell each scene how many times to repeat in a vertical column :-) Drum machine style sequencing would put bm3 in Saturn with a Halo around the emblem

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