Audio Damage Replicant 2?

Anyone used it? Sounds pretty dope but also may be a bit lazy to use it. What do you guys think?


  • Yes I have.
    Audio Damage plugins have issues in a bunch of hosts, the developer rarely if ever updates or fixes his plugins.

  • As for me i don’t have any trouble with their plugins. It s working very well. Replicant is interresting FX but a bit complex to use.

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    I don’t find it difficult to use. Difficult to control maybe ... but that’s kind of the point. It’s a happy accident waiting to happen. I haven’t had stability issues either.

    True story: I was trying to keep up with WeeklyBeats 2018, completing a full song every week when I came down with a killer flu. As I sat on the couch staring at the iPad hour, after hour, after hour, getting nothing done, I pulled out long rejected jam from the rubbish bin. Head swimming with fever, I threw replicant 2 on it and started messing around. To my surprise, it kinda started to come together. I managed to post something that week, even though I honestly don’t remember much about how. I titled it “The Flu Does Not Inspire”. I must have been composing from my heart ‘cause damned if it doesn’t sound like the war being waged on my body. I post it here out of humor, not out of pride. :#

    (BTW, made in BM3 ... I think.)

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