Beatmaker downfall or did I miss something n the manual?

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First off, I love this application. Second, I hope I can explain this question.
Aight I have a question, let just say I wanted to spread some strings across the pads on beatmaker. Well, when I tried to play them, the sample plays all the way through even when I release my finger from the pads, which made for some very sloppy sounding chords. It's cool if I'm using a loop or drum, but some stuff I don't want the sample to play all the way trough after I let go of the pad. Anyway to change that please.
That's in Advance.


  • If the string sample is long it's going to play the whole thing. The only way to fix this is if they release an envelope editor for samples. Until then I suggest just recording your strings and import them as a loop.
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    Thanks. Have you tried this?
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    I think the workaround that has been suggested is to insert another note on that pad with zero velocity (at the time when you want the note to stop). You can't do it in real time, you have to fix it up in the editor.
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    That needs to be the next upgrade.. And more banks
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    Aight I was all ready to give up on this, but the I found this lil video:
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    These guys aren't using a chopped sampled that's spread across the pads, but I see them quickly taping long samples quickly and making stutterings sounds with the samples. They had a sample that went:" sm, sm, sm, sm, sm, smooth" and bunch of other stuff through out the whole video. <!-- s:shock: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_eek.gif" alt=":shock:" title="Shocked" /><!-- s:shock: --> It only makes sense to me that if they could do that, I should be able the same thing and spread it across the pad to make a simple lil keyboard. I also noticed that interface looked a lil different.
    Does anybody know how to do this?
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