Modulate Sample Decay?

I am making hi hat loops, and would really like to modulate the sample's decay using an LFO so it gets longer and shorter across a bar of music. Can't for the life of me figure it out, could anyone help?



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    Unfortunately, you can't map an LFO to decay.

    The quickest and easiest hack is to switch the sample mode from ONE SHOT to HOLD, and then vary the note length by making midi notes shorter or longer in the pattern editor.

    But here is a cooler way to fake an LFO by mapping the hold and decay values to note velocity and then drawing a fake LFO curve in the pattern editor:

    Quick explanation of my setup:

    1. I loaded a sample on pad 1
    2. I switched the sample from "one shot" to "hold"
    3. I reduced hold, decay and sustain to very small amounts
    4. I bypassed the modulation between note velocity and gain (so I could reuse velocity for a different purpose)
    5. I mapped hold and decay to note velocity (at about 25%)
    6. now when I play low velocities the note is shorter, and when I play high velocities the note is longer
  • This looks like a really tidy solution! Cheers TK32, will give it a go when I get home this evening!

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