Export confuses tempo-synced plugins (more evidence required)

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I'm increasingly convinced that BM3's export feature — which renders to WAV at high speed — doesn't work so well with plugins that have tempo-synced parameters and effects. Examples I've experienced include stereo delay effects and synth arpeggios (such as the one in Sunrizer)

I've experienced this problem intermittently over the last 18 months, and you definitely notice it more on some tracks than others.

I have some audio examples which I will post here as soon as I get to a desktop PC

Suggested fix... perhaps the easiest fix is for a real-time export option, that would export the track without any acceleration.

More later.. but has anyone else found that exported tracks sound different to when they are played in real time in BM3??


  • I seem to recall @DeanDaughters previously mentioned his own BM3 exports not being what he expected.

    Do you remember the details Dean?

  • Yes, i've had some anonalies when exporting.

    One was user error because I was an idiot and did not have my mixer channels properly panned hard left and right on my hardware mixer -

    The other main issue on export I had is on a track that had a LOT of legato pitch sliding on a mono sample.

    It was the main riff of the track, and BM3 would PLAY it just fine, but the render would be not at all correct sounding on just that one synth part.

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    Thanks Dean.

    I've also found that exported tracks sometimes sound different to 'the real thing', especially stereo effects

    It's one of the reasons I wondered if having a real-time render option might help in the short term.

    I'll post a few A/B examples this evening.

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