New Album from echo opera available

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Hello good people. I finally got around to organizing some of my latest work into some semblance of an album, and have made it available on Bandcamp for anyone who might be interested in it.

I’d like to thank everyone here on the forum for the support, encouragement and inspiration to create something i truly love doing...releasing a bit of myself and sharing it with the world. I know at times it seems like there isn’t enough time in our day to day to make progress, or to get to the next thing...but what i have found, is that if you just continue to move forward, learn, experiment and play from that child-like place in your soul, magical things can happen.

Anyhoo...enough of the soap box philosophizing.

I truly want to thank everyone on this forum for all the good you do in helping one another out. We are each better for the good we each provide this clan. It’s a virtual gathering place, but this is a little bit of home away from home for me.
And before i forget, here’s the link to the album if you’d like to give it a whirl. 🙏🏼💕


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