Using Sidechain on Compressor FX

Hi BM3 friends,

I have a problem and I'm wondering if anyone could help me with a solution. I'm looking to set up a bank with a sidechain input that I can trigger freely by striking a pad, so I am choosing the 'Select Pad' option in the Dynamics Processor set to Compressor (in Audio FX) . However, I would like my chosen pad to make no noise when I press it, so it acts only as a sidechain, and does not emit any audio (I'm hoping to be able to achieve the 'sucking' action of a compressor here). However, when I turn down the gain or volume on my chosen sample, it ceases to act as a sidechain.

Any bright ideas?



  • Have you tried muting the sound triggering the sidechain on the mixer? I think that might do the trick.

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    Good news - there are several ways to achieve this technique

    If you tell me what compressor you are using I'll make you a video this evening..

    Also, do you want the 'sucking/ducking' (this sounds rude!) on the master bus, or on an aux channel?

  • Here’s an overview of how you can do it with the built in dynamics processor compressor. You can either turn the fader for the entire bank down, or you have to mute the pad if you want other pads in the bank to still be heard. You can do this with other techniques too probably, but this is probably the easiest if you’re using the built in compressor.

  • Thanks @ronji - you beat me to it!

    Oddly, I'm having a bit of trouble accessing the link. I'll try again on a different device.

  • That is odd, but it should work. To be fair, @selfinflict3 got it right, muting the pad works. My video just shows how that works, haha =)

  • Very strange. Video is still not working for me.. on multiple devices

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    Working now. :)

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