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Hello, I just downloaded BM and tested it briefly. I'm a former MPC (4k) user (using s950 now), and I had to put music/composing to the side for now since I'm creating my company and it takes alot of dedication.

I really missed it and I must say BM will be the perfect thing to help me coping with my lack of dedicated time. I'm looking forward to use it whenever I get a few minutes.

Anyway, I'm myself a "beat maker", even tho I prefer saying I'm a composer, just a matter of words really. I'm into hip hop, smooth beats and deep soul, you can listen to my music on the following page: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://myspace.com/hadoqbeats">http://myspace.com/hadoqbeats</a><!-- m -->

feel free to comment -just please avoid very simple comments like "it's bullshit" or "I love it", try to "illustrate" your ideas a little-

My musical influences (non exhaustive list)

- Soul (nu soul and oldschool soul)
- Jazz ("understandable" jazz, please)
- Deep house
- Tech-house (people still use these words nowadays ?)
- Techno & Drum&bass

as for artists
- matthew herbert
- roy hargrove (as in R.H. factor)
- chet baker, miles davis, bill evans
- some j-pop artists (bird, towa tei, m-flo, aco, chara, shiina junpei & ringo etc...)

my favorite online radio, I really recommend it, <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.projectvibe.net">http://www.projectvibe.net</a><!-- m -->

I'm also an amateur photographer and very fan of cars and racing (I do trackdays myself)

well... hi !
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