MIDI CC pickup issues in live settings (problems when using external automated controls)

I do a lot of performance using code to automate note and controller data (example: )

I find that the automatic 'MIDI CC pickup' functionality is highly inconvenient when initialising the session. I've defined some functions to help out which sweep all the defined CCs. But as the session is becoming more complex, it doesn't seem to be reliable and -- macros seem very reluctant to pick up. Half the time, I end up going through every macro by hand and manually moving it to get it to 'catch' -- stressful, time consuming and inconvenient at sound check when the engineer has already spoken "let me know when I should be receiving a signal".

I would suggest simply implementing a global option for "MIDI CC pickup mode on/off"

Also, CC6 is utterly broken when mapped to a macro (I've posted a separate thread about this too)


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