New jungle jam

New jungle jam. Its early stages so would love to get some feedback lol. Safe.


  • Noice .. i wanna get into making some DNB

  • Thanks man. Made it on BM2.

  • @sayyestodope said:
    Noice .. i wanna get into making some DNB

    Use B3 sampler, vastly superior to B2.

    For dirty low Reeses ala Spor, Sawtooth as main shape, add in an extra complex shape for upper harmonics, distort extremely light to glue, now use a couple of notch filters moving against each other, compress and saturate/distort/extra notches infinitum for variations.

    For upper/lead reese/drivers, usebthe same technique but swap out the extra notches for hp/lp moving against each other and try detuning a couple of the higher harmobic complex shape slightly too.

    For 8s an 9s, use a sine, pitch env the attack, extend decay on the amp, distirt and compress infinitum for variation.

    That should get you started with messing with B3 for some nice DnB licks.

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