Best way to record from AUM to BM3?

I tend to start a lot of jams in AUM and would love to transport the MIDI over to BM3 for more work and arrangement. I'd obviously have to set back up my FX chains and such, but I'm ok with that. Any ideas on the best way to do this?


  • I was just doing this. Not sure if it’s the best way, but it’s the most obvious:
    1. Create new bank in BM3 to which you’ll be recording MIDI
    2. Load the same AU instrument you have in AUM and load the same preset / set same values
    3. From the bank MIDI setup, as PORT I always select . For CHANNELS, it depends on the setup of your plugins in AUM. You can setup them to broadcast on separate channels and then you’ll be able to record all channelsin one shot. But you can also simply select and then route all the channels into the BM3 and record each track separately.
    4. In AUM, open MIDI setup (matrix) and route either all channels (when you want to record at once) or just the MIDI generator (e.g. MIDI AU plugin) to BM3.
    5. Hit play in AUM, switch to BM3 and hit record, be sure you have record armed in the channel(s) you want to record.

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