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hi I am new to iOS world and exited to join with BM3! I used to use Ableton and reason and have big sample libraries in my desktop folders. I recently got rid of my mackbook and am starting music production from scratch on iOS iPad gen 6. I just downloaded AudioShare and Dropbox but not sure what the heck these are for. I just want a few choir samples and guitar feedback samples from the web and tried to download from free but it does not seem to go to my Dropbox though I selected it to. In time I want stuff again from loop masters cymatics splice and of course free sights as well for more homegrown sounds.

Here’s the question. Going from Mac to iOS how do I get sounds so I can load into the sampler ?I am getting a headache. Any tutorials or ... how do you all get your samples? It was so easy won a laptop to put in desktop folders. I want my own sound library like I had on the Mac. thanks in advance! I am excited to begin iOS production 😃


  • Correction so easy with a laptop

  • Dropbox works for me (on Beatmaker2), but reading the reviews from the app store I noticed a lot of people mentioning issues with Dropbox on BM3. Another quick option may be using an FTP like FileZilla.

  • iOS 13 (iPadOS) will bring a number of new ways to get files into BM3.

    Just today, I was using the beta version of iPadOS to transfer samples wirelessly from my desktop PC to my Beatmaker samples folder via SMB share.

    It worked flawlessly.

  • One way to get samples on to your iPad without
    a laptop is to use your router if your router has a USB port.

    I've been using FileExplorer free and importing samples
    and saving projects using ,'Samba'.

    It takes a minute to setup but once up and running
    is very useful.

    Bear in my mind I've done this using USB keys rather than a harddrive.

    I haven't tried iOS13 yet, this method is working in iOS 12.3.1.

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