I need help setting up Chordion

Midi noob here. Would anyone please be so kind as to walk me through setting up Chordion to play sounds loaded on a bank? I have Mellowsound loaded on Bank A, under Midi Setup I have Port set to Chordion Virtual Out and Channel set to 1. On Bank B I have Chordion loaded. Under Midi Devices in settings I have Chordion Virtual Out turned on.

I tried to follow this video posted by one of the members, but I somehow still can’t get it to

I feel like I am missing something else, but I have no idea where to look or start. I’ve tried the same process with Navichord and have had no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    EDIT: see below for setup video

  • I picked up Chordion so I could make this setup video for you:

    Note - you don’t hear any sound at the end of this video when I play notes in Chordion, but it does work. The reason for no sound is that the iPad screen recorder only captures audio for the active app, and not BM3 which is making sound in the background.

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    Note - for midi beginners I always recommend not changing the default bank midi settings in BM3 to avoid complications. Omnifocus is a much simpler way of routing midi until you fully understand midi channels etc.

  • @tk32 Thank you so much for this. You went out of your way buying the app just to help out. I’ll test this out soon as I get home. Thanks again.

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    You're welcome.

    I should have picked up Chordion sooner anyway. It's a nice little app :)

    If you need any further help let me know

  • @tk32 That did the trick. Thanks once again.

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