Can I split midi keyboard plus drum pads in BM3 for live shows?

Hello, I’m really new to BM3 and was wondering if it was possible to configure a specific setup for live shows on my iPad with BM3? I have an iRig Keys I/O 25 midi controller. It has 25 piano keys plus 8 velocity drum pads on top.

Is there a way to configure the following setup?

  1. Create one bank with drum samples and assign to the 8 drum/velocity pads
  2. Create one bank with organ samples and assign to the left 12 piano keys (C1 - B1?)
  3. Create one bank with grand piano samples and assign to the right 13 piano keys (C2-C3?)

Is this possible with BM3? Any advice would be greatly appreciated please. Thank you!


  • Yes, it can be done - but in order to split your piano keys across two banks/channels you would probably need to purchase Audioveek’s MIDI Tools plugin (for his Keyzone tool).

    Regarding the pads, most hardware controllers allow you to configure the pads to use a separate channel, so it should be easy enough to set your drum bank to only listen on that channel (eg channel 3). You may need to refer to the iRig manual to learn how to do this (for my Korg Nanokey studio I can control the pad channel and notes via a desktop Win/Mac configuration tool).

    Hope this helps

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    Hold on...

    If you're only using samples, and not any AUv3 plugin instruments, you may be able to set this up without the need for the midi tools keyzone plugin.

    You just have to make sure your organ and piano samples are mapped to different parts of the keyboard range.

  • Thanks tk32!

    I’ve tried to search endlessly online but can’t find much resources. Could you help me with:

    1. Before I go spending a bunch of money buying quality samples, do you know we’re I can find free piano samples, and free organ samples to do this test?
    2. How would I go about mapping different different samples to the different keys on my keyboard in BM3? Sorry, super noob here.

    I figured out how to set the drum pads to a different midi channel so I’ll try to configure BM3 to only listen on that channel.

    Thank you again for the help, really appreciate you!

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    Here's a nice upright piano (free):

    ...or a grand piano if that's more your style:

    ...although a little time spent googling may yield even better results. You will often find good pianos (and organs) stored in SFZ format - and it's fairly easy to extract WAV files from this on a PC/Mac.

    If you don't object to spending a few dollars, there are some pretty usable pre-built piano and organ banks in the BM3 in-app store. This also saves you having to re-map the samples inside BM3, which can be time-consuming.

  • :)
    This might help you for the mapping part:

  • @DeanDaughters you're a lifesaver.

    Thanks for reminding me about this

  • WOOT! 😀 👊

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