How to change midi note on a pad without changing the pitch of the sample.

I seemed to be able to do this on one pad by turning the pitching off on the mapping screen but the other pads still change the pitch of the sample as I change the midi note for the pad. I am using the pads to trigger an external drum machine.
Thanks for the help in advance



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    When you tap a pad onscreen it always triggers at the default pitch set for that particular pad (usually C-3 by default)

    You probably need to make sure the pitch of each pad corresponds with the pitches your external device is expecting.

    For example

    • C-3 triggers drum sound 1
    • C#-3 triggers drum sound 2
    • D-3 triggers drum sound 3
    • etc..

    Once you've worked this out, you can configure the pads in BM3 accordingly.

    What external drum machine are you using??

  • I can change the note number for each pad no problem and have them trigger the external machine. But the samples assigned to the pads are being pitched according to what note i have the pad set if say A1 corresponds to the kik on the external drum machine the sample is pitched down two octaves and some (from C3) I'd like to play the pad, have it send A1 to the machine and play the sample at the original pitch. But maybe I need to reload the sample once I've changed the note number for the pad. I managed to get pad #1 to do this by turning off Pitching in the mapping screen (under edit mode)?...but it only works on the first pad for some reason.

    Using a Boss Dr550 mk ii (don't laugh)


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    After changing the default note, you just need to make sure that you set 'Root note' to the same value.

    That means of your pad plays A-1, then your sample plays at native tuning (instead of 1+ octaves lower)

    Let me show you a screenshot. Brb...

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    See here.

    I set Pad note to A1, and also Root key to A1 so that the sample plays at the normal pitch when I tap the pad

  • ahhhhh
    thank you. that was the one little bit i was missing. even though I was staring right at it. day two of this app. so far loving it.


  • Cool.

    Glad to help

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