Setting Root Note of non C major/minor Sample

hello, fairly new to BM3 and am stumped by something. If I import a sample in F and I need to set the root note, I know to load the pad, go to bottom right and toggle to semitones then use the arrows to get to F. Problem is that my sample in F is loaded on the bottom left pad which defaults to C so when I move the pitch to F using the arrows on the bottom right, my sample doesn’t sound like the key it is in (F) because BM3 started it at C by default. Hope that makes sense. Was hoping I was missing a place where you tell BM3 that your sample is in F so when you load it on bottom left pad, the pad says F and your sample sounds exactly like how it was imported. I’ve seen in “mapping” where it says root note, but you can’t change it there. Thanks all in advance, believe it or not, I’m having a blast sampling, slicing, sequencing, alliterating, adding effects... this likely right under my nose solution is evading me though


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    Hey @king_picadillo

    Really sorry nobody has had a chance to reply to you yet.

    I promise to explain how this all works when I have a moment tomorrow morning (UK time).

    Hope you don't mind waiting a little longer...

  • Are you sure you can't change the root note in mapping? I'm pretty sure I did that to fix the clean 808 kit in the 808 science pack.

  • It's not even video worthy. You just need to slide your finger left or right on the root note in the mapping page to change the value. Double tapping resets the value back to C3. You can use a midi keyboard to learn the root note that way, I assume by tapping the learn button next to the root note setting, but I haven't tried that yet.

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    there are two fundamental tuning settings for each pad: Pad note and Root key (both shown in the screenshot below)

    you can set them the same, or differently, depending on how you want to tune your samples.

    note - you can also transpose samples using the tuning and fine tuning controls in the sample editor

  • Pad note is the note that BM3 plays when you tap the pad

    Root key is where you can configure the natural tuning of the sample - for example, a piano sample of the note F should have its Root key as F.
    For untuned samples (such as sound fx and drum loops) you are free to set the root however you want, but I would normally recommend matching it to the pad note or leaving it at the default C-3 so that the sample plays at it's original (native) speed when you tap the pad (or play C-3 on your external midi keyboard)

    hope this makes sense, and helps. :)

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