Looking for Tremolo

How do I do a tremolo effect on BM3



  • Hi @taytrellz

    Are you talking about temolo with samples, or with an AUv3 plugin?

    If you mean samples (which I suspect you do) then the easiest way is to add a GAIN modulation controlled by LFO.

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    Here’s a quick video showing you how to do it:

    In steps...
    1. Double-tap the GAIN dial
    2. Select MODULATE > LFO > New LFO..
    3. Switch to the modulation tab, select the LFO > Gain modulation, and adjust the settings according to taste.

  • @tk32
    Is there a away to just do it to a pattern. I’m using an audio unit V3 and I’m not sure how to use it with one of their instruments.

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    Sorry for the delay @taytrellz

    The easiest solution is to buy the Tiger Lily Tremolo AUv3 and add it as an audio effect on your instrument track.

    App store link

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