Routing the Metronome to other outputs

Is there a way to route only the metronome through other I/O? For example, sending the track through output 1, and the met through output 2? That way when I perform live the met can be running without the audience hearing it. I have a 2 channel audio interface, and while BM3 recognizes the interface it only provides one output, in this case 1+2 combined. I could easily just pan the met left and the track right, but then I can't output stereo from the track.



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    Why not create your own metronome track and route it to the correct audio output?

    1. create a new bank to use as your metronome
    2. Load a nice wooden click sample into pad 1
    3. Create a midi pattern to trigger it every beat (or perhaps once per bar?)
    4. Either duplicate the pattern throughout the song timeline, or else put that bank in pattern loop mode.
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