use macro for on off switches of effects for live performances, ios app alternatives for this task ?

when performing live, i’ve been using a voicelive 3 foot controller to turn on and off various effects, works well, but i don’t like the interface and it’s bulky and limited so i thought it was worth a shot to investigate an alternative.

i’m trying to achieve the same result with beatmaker 3 using a bluetooth midi foot pedal like the irig blueboard, it has four switches and two expression pedal inputs, i’d like to use the buttons as follows :

1- reverb on/off
2- delay on/off
3- doubler on/off
4- tap tempo
exp pedal 1 : reverb mix
exp pedal 2 : delay mix

after some tests, it seems i could map the exp pedals to macro knobs which in turn control the reverb and delay mix knobs, and it seems like i can map tap tempo to a switch with no hassle, but i can’t find a way to turn on and off effects at the press of a switch..

are there other apps more suited for this task ?
basically my vocal chain in voicelive 3 goes like this

always on noise gate -> always on compressor -> always on subtle pitch correction -> switchable doubler/chorus -> switchable delay -> switchable reverb -> stereo outs.

i would like to achieve this through my iphone in the ios environment, i’ve looked at other apps, but it’s hard to find manuals for apps to check if these things are possible before committing money 💰.

thank you :)

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