Static in exported WAV

I exported a song today and there is heavy static in the sound file. I tried the following:

  1. Export from Master at WAVE 16 bits
  2. Export from Master at WAVE 24 bits
  3. Export from Master at WAVE 32 bits
  4. Export from Main Out track at WAVE 16 bits
  5. Export from A1 track at WAVE 16 bits
  6. Export from B1 track at WAVE 16 bits - this last one was ok

The fix was to turn disk streaming off for all pads in A1.


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    Thanks Panoramica,

    I’m glad you found a fix, and shared it with everyone here in case they experience similar issues.

    Disk streaming ON/OFF is a very powerful feature, but needs to be used with care. On one hand, loading very large samples into RAM can cause issues, but on the other, it seems streaming direct from disk can occasionally cause rendering issues when exporting.

    If anyone else has experience on the advantages (or dangers) of disk streaming vs RAM loading, please share your knowledge with the forum.

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