Tag imported samples doesn’t work


I am completely new to BeatMaker 3 and was wondering if someone could help me out with some issues.

I finally managed to import my own samples into beatmaker. I am not sure if that was the right workflow but. I zipped my samples and saved them under the beatmaker samples folder. From there I just clicked on the zip file and beatmaker automatically unzipped my samples to the internal beatmaker import folder. I now have access to my samples.
What doesn’t work though is tagging them so that I can find them under “search”. I tried everything. By just selecting one sample and tagging it, by creating a new category or even pack. Nothing works. I can’t even find my new category under search.
Anyone knows what I am doing wrong here.



  • Did you hit the link at the bottom of the tag editor that says (Example) “Set Drums*”? It’s not enough just to highlight tags.

  • I did. Its really weird, under edit category i have about 20 categories plus subcategories but when i hit all categories under search, i just get 5 main categories. Or is there a difference between "Main Category" and just "Category"? I seriously can`t figure out what i am doing wrong. :(

    What seems to work though, when I tag samples which I can already find under search.

    So it must have something to do by tagging samples which come from the file browser? (the icon right next to search icon)
    So basically i just can`t search for all my samples which are located in my import folder

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    Ok, to answer my own question. I think i figured it out. I am completely new to apple OS and I think i did things I shouldn`t have done?

    So basically I clicked on a zip file to get read and extracted by Beatmaker. What I did then, I went to the Beatmaker import folder(thats where Beatmaker extracted the zip Files) and changed folder names to organize it better. When using the browser in Beatmaker i can still read all my samples but there must be something Beatmaker is doing when extracting the zipfile. Somehow he remembers the old path?
    Is there a solution for that?

    Also, is it possible to tag patches from AU3 plugins? or to get a preview somehow? Bit like its done in maschine?
    So basically that i can browse through patches from synthmaster one without opening it? Sounds bit silly i know, i was just wondering ;)

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