64 ms latency?

I'm using a 2018 iPad Pro 11" with an Apogee Jam+ audio interface, running the latest version of BM3.

In the audio settings, it lets me select 64 ms latency, however, as soon as I leave the menu it reverts back to the previous setting. I'm able to select all sample rates and buffer sizes EXCEPT for 64 ms latency.

I looked for help elsewhere and haven't been able to find anything else on this subject.

My question for y'all, is this normal? Or is this possibly bug?

I prefer to work with the lowest latency possible and I'd like to understand why this might be happening...



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    This is normal because it's been a bug for so long ;) That's not 64 ms latency, btw, it's 64 samples. According to a site I found, to calculate ms from samples you take the samples / sample rate, so my settings of 48kHz and 512 samples = 10.6 ms. 64 samples at 48kHz = 1.3 ms.

    Oh, and the bug is that setting samples to 64 doesn't stick and just jumps to 128, every time no matter what device.

  • Thanks Ronji. That's exactly right.

  • Thanks! I'm completely new to BM3. Just how long has this bug been around? I still haven't seen much discussion about it elsewhere. Its a little frustrating knowing that i should be able to get lower latency but can't due to this bug

  • There has been a long gap in updates, but they're coming back (see the update announcement post). This is one of many bugs that have been reported here, but the forum search isn't very useful. It could very well have been over a year ago that it was reported.

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