Out of space

Hi, I went out of space on my iPad with 128gb.
And 95gb of that came only from beat maker 3.
So I start deleting folders in sessions that I don't needed anymore.
But the problem is I already deleted folders from sessions,, banks, imports, export and unsaved sessions and still don't have record any space on my iPad. The beatmaker app is still with 95gb.

Can someone tell me please what I have to do to solve this?
Because deleting files on the storage manager from the iPad it's simple impossible, cuz it show me not folders representing musics but every single wave file I have on beatmaker 3 so it's simple impossible to me to know, in 12595 wave files, what to delete and what to keep.


  • That's a bit scary!!! :open_mouth:

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    Hi @fmachado

    It sounds like you might be ticking the box that saves copies of all the samples in your project every time you "save as". I understand why it's tempting to do so but, combined with a habit to save lots of projects versions, it quickly consumes storage space on your iPad.

    Advice is a little tricky, because I don't want to give you a suggestion that has a risk of breaking one of your projects (eg "SAMPLE NOT FOUND" error), but here goes...

    1. Offload old projects to cloud storage or transfer to your desktop (or HDD if using iOS13 beta)
    2. Export the contents of your "Exports" folder (to cloud or desktop, same as above) and then delete it. Most people export their BM3 tracks as 24bit stereo, so these files can get quite big.
    3. Move any of your old project versions into a special "junk" folder. once they old versions are moved, you should go and check that you can still open the latest version of the project without any missing samples. Assuming it all goes fine this means you are free to go and delete to old version from the junk folder and free up some space.
    4. Look for duplicate audio files, and delete the duplicates. This is especially true for audio track recordings, which will be much larger than something like a tiny drum sample or 2 bar loop.
      And my final quick tip (for today...)
      Do not delete the Unsaved sessions folder unless you are sure that none of your active projects point to audio files inside it. I deleted my Unsaved sessions folder once, and afterwards about 1/3 of my projects reported missing samples because they had been saved into unsaved sessions (which is what happens when you make a recording or edit a sample inside an un-named project)
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