Audiokit - FM Player 2 & D1 - Auv3 - Project File Crash


someone else has problems with Audiokit App (Fm Player & D1) in Beatmaker3?
When I save a project, I can not open it anymore. If I delete the app, I can open the project again.

iOS 11.3.1. iPad 2018


  • Hi @AdT

    I've only just download the latest FM Player update this afternoon, so haven't had a chance to test it in BM3 yet - and I can't test D1 because it currently doesn't work in iPadOS beta under any host!

    You may want to check that iOS 11 is still supported in the latest versions. They may have had to drop old OS compatibility when converting these plugins to AUv3 :(

  • @AdT @tk32 Sweet - is FM Player now AU?

  • @The_Bro yes FM Player 2

    @tk32 it works well on ios11. The problem is when I start BM3 and open a project with fm or d1 auv3, BeatMaker3 freeze.

  • Yeah D1 is freezing for me too in BM3. I haven't tried FM2 yet.

  • @The_Bro thx! Good to know!

  • @AdT said:
    @The_Bro thx! Good to know!

    Yeah it is when I play some notes. I haven't yet updated to IOS 12 though.

  • Tried FM2 so far so good but I'm only running IOS 10.

  • Okay so it seems that program / patch change data won't save in BM3. For example when I mess with a patch and save it when I open the project up again its all gone except for the default patch. Anyone else experiencing this problem because its a real let down!!! :neutral:

  • When I use d1 as a sequencer/arp it misses the beat and starts it own timing and creates like a ghost note. I’ll have to video it up and out it up. But d1 have huge problems in GarageBand. Freezes the app and all kinds of weird stuff happened.

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