Poll of possible crash triggers (please help us by adding yours)



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    Change your buffer settings for playback. If you have any moog apps or heavy usage AUV3 it happens.

  • When tapping between pattern automations AND pattern midi, you may experience a crash when BM3 attempts to choose both window panels simultaneously. Old UI bug crash.

  • @ronji said:
    @vov I usually get that if I'm running too many heavy AU plugins and/or with my buffer setting too low. Sometimes it's a particular AU that just crapped out.

    Yes, I suppose it’s just what you described, but it happens very often with all kinds of plugins.

  • Had a random crash last night. It was the first in a long time but I thought I'd mention it.
    In the mixer window, I was changing the color of a track, then I hit 'Show All Pads' ..or closed it from being in that state.. and BM3 crashed.
    not a very big session either ..4 midi tracks and 2 audio tracks.

  • Thanks @BitterGums

    Was the track playing at the time?

  • No prob @tk32 !
    Yes, I'm pretty sure the track was playing at the time. 95% sure

  • Seems like most issues are related to making changes during playback?

    And that could have something to do with the way the app handles internal parameter changes?

    For example when changing a colour of a pad it should in theory not affect 'playback' att all but if all parameters for a pad (including those affecting playback) are modified when making changed to a pad such as change it's colour it could explain why things bail if the 'error' and 'condition checking' is not super rigorous...(And that in turn would slow down the core since most optimisations depend on pure logic and pre-expected behaviour not 'random actions').

    ie. with logic such as 'in theory it should not happen...' but in practice 'it will happen' since it is a chain of events where there's no real possibility to have 100% 'environment control' over what's happening...

    One way to solve this would be to separate a pads 'realtime' and 'gui' parameters and modify them 'when it's safe'. But I have no clue on how to do this in a super practical way.

    Hopefully things will work out in due time!

  • i have not a crash trigger, but a weird behaviour.

    i have one specific beat that cant be moved..
    it is saved in /sessions/ now but when i want to move it to
    /sessions/summer good/there is always the main sample file missing. with all other projects bm3 finds the all samples again after the project file has been moved but this one beat has to stay in /sessions/.
    have done rescan/reset database no help.

    and it gets more spooky, this one sample (ballroom.wav) is saved in /samples/samplez and from time to time this sample moves to /samples/ballroom[002].wav and the original samles/samplez/ballroom.wav is not there anymore and i have to rename the ballroom[002].wav to ballroom.wav again and move it to sample/samplez/ again..only in this project and only this specific sample, i have no idea^^

    and btw when i read the posts abaout the new update and so many people complain about that the update is not ready blabla, dunno if some programmers read this but i think bm3 is the best app i ever used in my live!coming from mpcs but bm3 truely rocks!thank you for this great app!!


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    @estebano weird indeed!

    Can I suggest a potential fix for your problem.

    1. open the session and find the pad that has ballroom.wav loaded
    2. tap the 3 dots above the waveform and choose "save sample in session folder"
    3. Reload ballroom.wav onto the pad using the new copy that saved inside the session folder (note - reloading the sample will reset your sampler settings so please take a note or screenshot of all current settings - such as tuning etc.)
    4. Once everything is back to how it was originally, save the project then try moving the session to a new folder and re-loading it.
  • wow i never saw that option^^

    back on topic i have found a 100% crash trigger when i try to save that sample in the sessions folder^^

    tried 5 times, restarted ipad, tried again, found a crash trigger😂

  • Thanks @samu Yeah, for the most part i do refrain from making changes when the track is playing. But i guess I got excited . Also, didn't count on track color to be anything that would affect the system too much but your explanation of where it might fall within certain parameter changes made sense.

  • @estebano said:
    wow i never saw that option^^

    back on topic i have found a 100% crash trigger when i try to save that sample in the sessions folder^^

    tried 5 times, restarted ipad, tried again, found a crash trigger😂

    OK - I think we now know that the sample is probably the issue ;)

    Where did it originate from? could the file be corrupt or damaged?

  • I recorded it years ago through winamp i think and converted it with all my other samples in batch to. Wav via audacity..so i think if the file would be corrupt all my other files would be corrupt as well because of the batch convertion. What is special about the sample that it is arround 40 minutes maybe that is one of the issues...Thank you for your reply and your detailed help👍

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