Getting rid of sounds I didn’t play

Every once in a while after I finish laying down a simple 3 pad drum beat, I’ll let the song loop and the next time around it plays back a much more complicated beat that I didn’t create. How do I avoid this, and how can I delete this from already recorded sections that I’d like to revert back to what I wanted? Thanks a lot.


  • I know this has been addressed on the forum before but i'm not sure where to find it. I wanna say it was AudioGus who helped out.. and Tom i'm sure. Have you tried searching the forum for similar posts?

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    I could be wrong, but it sounds like you might be encountering the long-standing Pattern overlap double-speed bug.

    This happens when you have multiple instances of the same pattern, and they overlap slightly. the bug causes the second instance of the pattern to play at double-speed and is a bug (although it can sometimes create interesting polyrhythms).

    here’s a quick video I just made showing a simple 2-bar drum pattern, that I repeat and then deliberately create an overlap to demonstrate the bug.

    There are at least 3 simple ways to avoid and fix this issue:

    1. Move the end of the pattern marker back so that there is no overlap (shown in the video at 00:31)
    2. Making the second pattern a different pattern instance by using ‘duplicate’ instead of repeat (shown in the video from 00:40-)
    3. Merging the overlapping patterns together into one new longer pattern (not shown in the video)


    @BitterGums - is this what you meant?

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