I got a new Laptop lol!!!

I know you guys probably think I am traitor or something lol but anyhow I got a new Laptop. I'll be making music on both laptop and hardware and on the Ipad with BM3. I'm pretty happy as it was something I'd been meaning to sort out for ages. Just a shame BM3 isn't on the Laptop as that'd be swell. For the mo trying Reaper. Anyways that's it for the mo!!! Cheers.


  • If I wasn't using BM3...

    ...I'd be using Reaper too ;)

  • @tk32 said:
    If I wasn't using BM3...

    ...I'd be using Reaper too ;)

    I'm probably gonna use Fruity but the moment I'm testing out Reaper as its free lol.

  • Try reason out for free, you can demo it, reason is my go to DAW

  • Off topic post. It belongs there.

  • Good point @hansjbs

    I've moved it to Off-Topic now.

    Easy mistake

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    Reaper isn't free. Its like 60$ if you don't make a bunch of money a year using it. Its all on an honor system.
    A commercial license is around 200$.
    Whether its in trial period,personal license, or commercial,all the same version.

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