Bm3 changing order of banks

Just a question to see if this is normal behaviour.
I have a saved session with 6 banks. I then create a sixth F. I save the session with option copy banks to session folder.
I clear ram and shut down.
Next day I load the session and bank F is now bank D.
Is this normal?
IPad air 1 and latest bm3.


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    Personally I would not recommend saving banks with projects. It doesn't provide you with any additional protection, and just creates a sh**load of duplicate samples in your bm3 filing system.

    The bug you discovered seems to suggest bm3 is doing some internal reordering of banks as a result of the bank export routine. My guess is that 2 of your banks between A-E were different to the others (perhaps bm3 exports all the banks with samples first, then all the ones with only plugins second?)

    Just a guess.

  • Hi,
    Thx for the reply tk.
    Will consider the tip about saving.
    I meant to say in op that the session started with 5 banks. Then I add a sixth.
    The session is all samples...I do have turnado bypassed on main out, And 2 aux with audio damage reverb. Its about 10 meg and uses 15-20% CPU.
    Oh yeah, I'm running 12.3.1.
    I say all this in case it may trigger a thought:-)
    All in all, is this a possible train wreck coming? Its my live bank..I'm a drummer. I have the iPad/bm3 going thru a I connectivity audio4 + with a Yamaha multi pad. Mostly loops ..and one bank of one shots.
    I trigger the loop banks with the focus actions on CH 16. And the one shots directly with ch15.
    Sorry for the long reply...just throwing it all out there:-) oh ....256 buffer.

  • You should be fine.

    I’ve not encountered this bug, but then again I never save copies of banks when I save my projects.

    The only time I export a bank is if I’ve spent ages setting up velocity layers and effect/macro chains, and want the bank to be available in other projects.

  • Hi,
    Interesting. Thanks StudioEs

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