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  • Is the beta still open?

  • Reach out to the beta email address with your questions and concerns regarding joining the beta. Some folks messed up and used an old apple ID, and there could other reasons why someone might not have received the test flight invite. I just don't think you're gonna get an answer here on the forum.

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    Im not in the beta I hope yall have power users in the beta because Im talking to alot of them and there not in the beta

    What you talking about bro. Just because someone who writes music don’t post YouTube vids every day and you dont know who they are don’t mean they aren’t using bm3 to its fullest. How old are you man?? How long you been producing? Some producers don’t like to be on video or even make videos, that’s why we do music. The beta is full of people who know what they are doing, the REAL power users, these guys are working very hard day and night in different time zones around the globe testing and smashing bugs...I only get 3 days a week to test, but some of these guys are spending day and night everyday testing and I thank them. We all love this app so much and it’s great to see such a huge amount of support for it. I feel you, you want this thing to be rock solid, and so do we all. Mad respect to everyone here, positive vibes and love, we got this 🥳🕺🏽

    Well said!
    But we can also agree that maybe power user and pro user are being taken out of context. So I say let’s leave it alone.

    Im talking about people who know the app inside and out and use it on the daily. I wasnt saying that the beta tester are not good Im asking if there is power users then I know we are in good hands. I was a beta tester for along time and I seemed to have missed it on this one. I miss Mathieu Garcia was my direct contact obviously im out of the new loop so I hope its in the hands. Not saying those that are in are not just hoping it wasnt first come first served is what I was trying to say. So If i offended someone please accept my apology.

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    Wow, these things really get blown out of proportion.. so @Mickvlo are you saying since Shazam is so well known on yt Vincent should have reached out to him personally to beta test? He reached out to the whole community with an email to sign up for testing, he didn’t play favorites, should he have? Personally I have no clue who Shazam is, have never seen one of his videos, at least I don’t think I have anyway. Also this is a forum for discussion, I feel like just because someone is on yt posting videos doesn’t give them the final say on who should be testing, or commenting on their posts. These guys are working hard trying to get this update out, just like Shazam, Brandon, and marv work hard to bring videos showing bm3 tutorials and stuff. Everyone wants to be respected and feel welcome here. We all really want the same thing. I don’t feel like anyone was truly disrespectful here., peace to all.. ✌️

    Devs reach out to me all the time Bro Sound design and I do alot behind the scenes for them. Im not asking Vincent to do anything or give me any special treatment He doesnt even know me lol. On the other hand a last minute invite also wouldn't bring down the beta program either lol. I love Beatmaker from the jump. I have pushed IOS beatmaking from the jump thats all Bro

  • I will choose my words more wisely in here thanks I still love all yall

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    @Shazamm said:
    I will choose my words more wisely in here thanks I still love all yall

    Appreciate this Shazamm.

    I also need to choose words more wisely too. All of us are from different parts of the world, and different backgrounds/experiences, but we all share a love for bm3 and making music on iOS.

    If you PM me your AppleID I will try by best to get you added to the beta.

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    Fam it's in good hands no worries. We have a lot of people that uses it everyday in there and are die hard fans of the app. Would still like to have you in there tho.

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    The more the merrier

    You’d think so but I applied for beta as soon as it came out, got an email back asking for my name and apple ID and got ghosted ever since

    Yea bro, i got ghosted hella hard too, but I did have a wrong Apple ID I had to fix and Vincent must not check that email too much, or maybe he is saving you for a later beta.

  • Looking forward to helping test the app for music I've ever seen

  • Is the beta testing closed?
    I want it, I have worked wirh almost every version and type of music app and daw since the original cakewalk v3. This may be the best over all daw I've ever seen. The touchscreen features make it incredibly. The midi work flow is my speciality...I think once these features are fine tuned there will be no equal. I've got my music buddy's onboarding but they were a lille confused with rhe midi setup, like input for pedals, mod and pitch bend. I thinks these features can be improved Love this app I use it every day, looking forward to the update. I hope there's a way for me to help this great platform continue to grow and get better.

    Charles Zimmerman

  • Hello I am like every one on this forum, wanting to help. And proposing my skills as iPad producer since 2017.
    And be beta tester

  • Ok thank you

  • @znomusic said:
    Ok thank you

    Bro I think the recruitment took place a good long while ago

  • More people on the beta-team will most likely just postpone the update even further.
    If we're lucky we get one this year but I hope it's sooner rather than later...

  • I'm closing this thread because Intua are no longer accepting requests to join the beta.

    Watch this space for an update coming soon....

    ps. apologies to all those who weren't selected this time around - hopefully you can get involved next time.

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