ADR for Animation Dub

I'm an audio engineer and own a small studio. I mainly work with musicians, but I just had some people reach out to me and ask for rates to record ADR for an animation dub. I've always told myself I would cross over to try to work on television/movie related production eventually, but it looks like this happening now. I have my studio room dedicated to that kind of production. I was able to set it up with two monitors in there to make it easy and everything, but it was something I never advertised for my studio. I want to take the job, though. Nothing better than the present to learn. The thing is that I've never ran an ADR session before. Nothing for live-action, animation, nothing. I would love a walkthrough if anybody has experience. Or at least some pointers to make this go smoothly. The session isn't for almost another two months, so I'm not too pressed for time here. I also work primarily in Pro Tools. Anything anybody has to help out for me to learn this would be amazing. This may end up being a lot, but I'm willing to take it all and work day and night to nail this project. Let's dive in, people.


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    Hi Jerry,

    I wish you good luck with your project, but this is totally the wrong place to ask for help with something so specific as ADR for animated TV.

    I’m closing this thread, and would suggest you find a more appropriate forum. I’m no expert, but a quick google uncovered


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